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Tryout Procedures & Fees

Tryout Procedures & Fees

Tryouts and “cuts” are probably the most painful experience for coaches, students, and parent(s)/guardian(s). While we would like to accommodate every student, who wants to participate in a sport, limitations in facilities, coaches, and other resources as well as safety factors make tryouts and “cuts” necessary.

Each coach is responsible for establishing guidelines for tryouts and” cuts” in his/her sport, and then submitting them to the Athletic Director for approval before tryouts begin. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Each coach will have a letter explaining team expectations and procedures that will be given to the student and/or parent/guardian(s) prior to a student’s trying out.
  • Coaches will have a minimum of two days of tryouts.
  • For non-cut sports, the last day a student may join the team is the day following the first game or meet. This decision is at the discretion of the site Athletic Director.       


Fee Structure for Athletics the District has established an athletic participation fee to help offset the cost of our after- school athletic program. For updated information, contact your school site athletic secretary or call our District Athletic Secretary at 480-541-1129.

Payment is due on or before the first practice and after the Athlete has made the team for cut sports. Non-cut sports will require payment at time of registration. Registration for either the non-cut sport or Tryout Registration for cut- sports is required before a student can participate in any way.

• Payments cannot be accepted at your school. Payment accepted through Kyrene School District Payment Portal online at:
• TAX CREDIT: All athletic participation fees qualify as an Arizona Tax Credit, tax credit receipts area mailed out in January for donations made the previous year. Your tax credit donation must specify Kyrene Athletics at the time of tax credit donation to apply to both athletics and your child’s school, you will need to make two separate donations. Tax credits are nonrefundable and non-transferable.

• Returned checks or declined credit card s will be assessed a $15 non-sufficient funds fee and the student may be required to drop the team if the current outstanding balance is not paid immediately.

• FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: is available for the Kyrene Athletic Program. An application process and approval for a District designee is required. All financial assistance applications must be turned in before tryouts begin. In order to qualify for financial assistance your Athletic account must reflect a zero balance. Please visit our Athletic Web Page to complete your financial assistance application.

• REFUNDS: Refunds cannot be issued once fee is paid. A refund cannot be issued if the athlete gets hurt, the athlete quits or is suspended from the team and the athlete becomes ineligible due to grades or behavior.

• Athletes will not be able to participate in practice or games until the fee is paid. 

Seasons and Fees

The Kyrene Athletic Program consists of three athletic seasons for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Participating schools are: Akimel A-al Rattlers, Altadeña Panthers, Aprende Jaguars, Centennial Sabercats, Kyrene Scorpions, KTA Tigers, and Pueblo Bulldogs.